Thursday, November 27, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

We put up our Christmas decorations and Christmas tree last Sunday. Liam loved helping put ornaments on the tree. He loved the Hallmark Christmas Kissing Bears too.

Fun at the Bass Pro Shop

Liam had a great time last weekend at the opening of the Bass Pro shop in Leeds. He got to see his cousins-Dylan, Aslan and Josiah and Granddaddy Clark. He also got to get his pic made with Santa.

Courtney & Lane's Baby Shower

Here are a few pics from a baby shower I cohosted for Courtney and Lane Bowen. Courtney has been a friend of mine since first grade. They will be welcoming a baby boy Cleveland-Cleve, very soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Party

Liam had his 4th birthday party yesterday. He's really into Power Rangers-so that was the theme. He really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone. Thank you all for coming. It's hard to believe he's already 4!
Opening gifts

Loving the cake
Having Cake


Friday, November 7, 2008

Liam leading the blessing during his birthday snack.

Birthday Party at School

Brian and I got to leave a little early today and celebrate an early birthday with Liam at his school. The kids really enjoyed the cupcakes and capri suns. We let Liam open up one gift early when he got home from school. He really loves his tent/sleeping bag combo pack.

Liam's friend Nina

Liam's friend Ellie

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

We all had a terrific time Friday. We took Liam to trunk or treat at Kingwood Church. Several of my friends from work are members there. There were really some interesting decorations and a contest for best decorated trunk. After that, we went to a little carnival at First Baptist in Alabaster where one of the families in our neighborhood goes. That was a lot of fun too. Liam won some goodies at a cake walk and got to do go fish. He looks a little glum on the first picture. That was at the very end of the night as he was coming down off the sugar high.
Liam was a little pooped by the end and needed a break.
Climbing the slide-didn't realize there was an underwear shot-uh oh LOL

Liam loved this little stage. He danced and did air guitar.
A horse at my friend Amy's Exhibit.
Some real goats at my friend Amy's exhibit.
Amy and her little baby bumble bee-Eden.
Liam getting some candy-yum yum.
A neat photo op with a cool tree.
This is Liam all dressed up and ready to go.

Liam's Halloween Party at School

I got to leave work a couple hours early Friday to attend Liam's Halloween party at Shepherds Promise. They had all kinds of goodies. One parent made some bat shaped pimento and cheese sandwiches. They were super cute. But it was definitely a love it or hate it snack. A couple of the kids at Liam's table made the most hilarious faces-including Liam. It was even better because the mom who made them was there. I wanted to take a pic but that seemed like adding insult to injury. Liam had a great time and learned the trick or treat smell my feet song from his neighbor in the pic dark batman. Kids are just so silly and honest sometimes, especially at Liam's age. It was great.

Halloween continued

Some of my coworkers who turned their cubes into a haunted house.
Two crazy dudes I work with.
My friends Darren and Traci-super scary
Amy as a Japanese horror flick chick
My team with me as cleopatra