Monday, February 16, 2009

A birthday party and a bridal shower

The weekend before last was very busy for us. Liam got to go to an awesome birthday party for his cousin Dylan. There was a inflatable bouncy castle, a magician and face painting. It doesn't get much better than that. I stayed home preparing for my sister Jennifer's bridal shower. With the help of her two bridesmaids-Leanna and Kym and our stepmom, we had a pretty good spread. Jen got a ton of gifts and looked very pretty. Not long now until the wedding! We also had very pretty bridal shower favors made by my good friend Mandy.

Bridal Shower Mania

The Bride to be-Jennifer
One of the many gifts

The spread

Look at all the loot.

The best birthday party ever!

Dylan-The birthday boy
Liam amazed at a cool trick.
Having fun with the magician
Liam getting his face painted.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Below you will see pictures of our early Jan trip to Gatlinburg. I haven't mastered the art of blogging. Therefore, they are in random order. We went to Ober Gatlinburg. The arial tramride was amazing. We also got to see fake but very real snow. We also went to Mr Giatti's or something like that which was a very redneck version of Chucky Cheese-if you could imagine that. We went to the aqarium and also to AdventureQuest. Liam had a panic attack in the laser tag. I had a panic attack in the mirror maze. That would have made the trip almost complete..... Yet, one near death experience made it whole. The first picture depicts the panoramic mountain view from the cabin we stayed in. Windy and steep roads were traveled to get to this summit. Windy and steep roads were traveled down as well. On our second day there, we skidded on an ice patch, lost control of our VW and almost ended up over the mountain-literally! I've never been in a more scary situation in all my days. Our next winter expedition to Gatlinburg will be in a motel in downtown Gatlinburg!!